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Since its establishment in 1979, to take  advantage of the plentiful  Avocado crops,  MILOTAL has traveled a long way: from the fields and orchards of the Western 

 Galilee to the leading overseas supermarket chains and refined kitchens worldwide.  Today, MILOTAL processes an ever growing variety of top quality frozen vegetables, 

 such as baby carrots, kernel corn and corn  on the cob, red and green peppers, broccoli, green peas French fries, cauliflower florets  and mix vegetables.  


 MILOTAL was acquired by FISHMAN HOLDINGS one of Israel's largest private

  investment groups, with significant interests  in real estate, industry, communication and 

 other sectors.MILOTAL welcomes their  proven business and financial strength,to further stimulate its plans for growth and development. MILOTAL regular workforce of 120,which  includes internationally renowned experts in 

 the food and freezing technologies,swells to as many as 200 in the peak seasons With 50% of production earmarked for export, MILOTAL supplies a top clientele throughout 

 EUROPE,the US,CANADA including virtually all 

 the famous frozen vegetable brand names. In 2004 MILOTAL processed 30,000 tons of vegetables for a total of 15.5$ million. Israeli farmers have gained worldwide recognition for  combining innovative agricultural research and advanced techniques with a thorough knowledge 

 of local soil,water and climate conditions, in order to grow steadily outstanding crops. MILOTAL'S hands on experience,ongoing cooperation whit farmers in the region,and close proximity to the farming fields,ensure 

rapid transfer of produce to processing plant with  virtually no loss of freshness. Once in the plant,fully computerized state of the art equipment and stringent quality controls 

 throughout the process to meet:BRC, ISO 9000:2000,USDA,GMP standards take over. Time is at a premium when processing vegetables, and at MILOTAL the entire process from field to end product lasts no longer then 4 to 5 hours. Vegetables are processed and IQF frozen 


 (Individually Quick Frozen)to capture their original fresh flavor,texture and full nutritional value. All our products are packed in taste preserving  polyethylene and are available in retail,food service or bulk packaging,under the MILOTAL brand or privet label,to satisfy customer's preferences and specifications   



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